Kissing the Plane

for Jesse:

Kissing the plane
are corvids and cetaceans
of this barrier between worlds

In violence
clouds spin apart into an unkindness
Beating wings drive wind whipped waves
And an uprising
tearing the surface apart
falls back through
sinking without fear
to the darkest depths below
with a limitless grace
and unfettered

From this place
this absolute stillness
breathes the first moments of song
full of longing
stretching out to reach you

Beyond the plane
it becomes a call
unsettling in its directness
cutting to the core
driving one to seek

Kiss the plane
do not be afraid
to submerge
and to float above
in your journey
you’ll cross it countless times

Kiss the plane
wrap your arms around it
take a deep breath
and listen

Take a deep breath, Black Feather


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