What rhymes with shit?

What rhymes with shit?

I’m a bit bit
perplexed and hit
with a dit dot
correcting all of my wit
showing my words
not fit to print
printing them anyway
because fuckit.

A misfit outfit
I’m a part of
crushin all free thought
hour and hour and hour
and here I sit
in this
brick red chair
having to care about nots
and nitwits
and dim fuckers
obsessed with tits
but not heart
or love
or compassion.

make some money
the comfort is worth the pain.
or is it?

me to flirt with
an idea
a charge
a passion
an imit-ation
of artist struggles
to posit this:

Comfort breeds contentment
Contentment stifles growth

Might as well just let go.
End it.
Do the honorable thing.

And cease to edit
allow the flow
to free fall
in and out
and in and out
and in and out
of solvency
scaling the summit
of what’s possible
without a mortgage
or a safety net

So I ask you again:
What rhymes with shit?
Because I need a sound
that sounds like this.


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