Confused Walking Cucumber

For Leia:

Confused walking cucumber
Choosing now
And now again
To change direction
And now again
Chasing the young breeze
The quizzical scent
Now again
Feeling thrill in the change
And bemoaning it’s frequency

Befuddled meandering phallus
Your beauty lies always in your actions
Capricious though they certainly are
And perhaps fickle
But definitely capricious
And probably fickle
Too bad you don’t like that word

Oh perplexed perambulating pickle
I miss our strolls
And vibrant conversation
Salty exchanges

Disoriented dashing dildo
Jiggles up top
Jiggles in the middle
Jiggles in the basement

Stumped strolling sausage
I’m sure you enjoy my alliterative endeavors
May you carry them always
During your frequent forays
And also now


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