Douglas Adams was Wrong

 Because it’s my fucking birthday again 

And I’m self centered, just like you

So I decree that 41 is now

The answer to life

Giving me new opportunities 

To rise 

From my brick red chair of oppression 

(Fuck you, chair)

And define my future

This is the pivotal year 

I will make shifts for my own good

41 is the answer to the universe

Beginning once again in winter

Host to ancestors and descendants 

Blessing with wisdom and compassion 

While enjoying a fat snigger at my flailings 

Guiding me to a spiritual home

A safe and warm space 

41 is the answer to everything 

Except 42


So I’ve got just one year to get this shit right

Happy Birthday, stone

Pretty sure 40 made you its bitch

So let’s do this


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