An Odd Mix

Feeling an odd mix of emotions today. My allergies have been very bad this year, necessitating my old asthma meds.  It reminds me of the years I spent trapped inside my Willamette Vally home for 8 months at a time. When I take care of myself and I still suffer it is frustrating. This afternoon I looked outside and saw an ideal day, but the sleepless night fresh in my memory told me to stay in and breath the filtered air. Once again feeling the prisoner.  I even missed my dear friend’s graduation ceremony. Thankfully she understands, but it doesn’t help me feel like a good friend.  Last year this only lasted a few weeks. By that mark it should be over soon.  I’m crossing my fingers for that. 

On the plus side, i’ve got a positive outlet playing some games I quite enjoy. I can’t imagine how miserable I would feel choosing to stay inside all day without activities I enjoy to pass the time. 

So, gratitude and suck. That’s my odd mix. I wish the gratitude was strong enough to lift me outing this low. Here’s hoping I fall asleep soon and awake rested. 


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