For My Dear Friend

Wish I had answers
To the questions that you pose
Have you thought to breathe?

Perhaps breathing gives
Space to find grace and healing
A sense of one’s life

Appreciate now
A little divinity
Forgive everyone


Ode to the Comma

Oh comma, there’s nowhere you haven’t lain

On park benches, sailboats, and billboards

In pudding vats, vestries, and pain


Sluts know what they want, though

And I’ve always liked the lascivious

Deriving great pleasure

Repeatedly, with conviction

Spreading lusty connections

To things proper and prim

To ideas rank and fetid

Through righteous, pious, principled people

Using you to spread their judgements


If they only knew you like I do

You sexy bitch

Never satisfied with pairs

Ménage à trois is just a starting point for you 

The more the merrier, no?

Oh, yes

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

Give it to me Oxford style

And now I’m spent 

I love you, slutty comma

The Horse Ford

Today I watched my footing 

Wandering steep shale and sand paths

Ever wary of rattlers

Views of the river and cliffs changing 

Flavored by burning wind whipping up the canyon

And cloud shadows cast cool as resting iron

After this prolific winter the water is high 

And crossing the horse ford not possible

But this shore is blessed with solitude 

For that we felt gratitude 

Doubling back and beyond

Eventually joining the flow of others

Our voices quieted by their presence 

As ten thousand steps brought us closer together

The End

I think I’d like to be there

At the end

And witness

With my now eyes

My final product 

Decades of transformation 

Years of hurt

Months of laughter 

Weeks of love

Minutes of joy

Seconds of death

To know where all of this leads

Not to change anything

But to appreciate the trials

For where they take me

I guess this means I have hope

That at the end

I’ll exit


I’d Bone Her

I’d bone her 

Said every heterosexual boy 

Proving something


Thinking they had a chance

Or even the choice

Not recognizing the girl

For what lay beneath

She’s not just curves and jiggles

But thanks for condescending 

To fuck her regardless

What a sweet 



Five Black Shirts

My cats ripped all of my good shirts

How rude

I tell them this often

They seem unsympathetic 

For as time moves forward

More shirts they rip 

So rather than shop for clothing

I searched online 

And found quite the deal

So now my wardrobe

Is entirely made up 

Of five black shirts