My First Similie

I wrote my first similie
and afterwards
I didn’t feel quite as dirty as I thought I would

it’s like
I’m a freshly turned vampire
and my thirst for blood grows with each taste
But not for pop culture references

I crave more
As monks chant their connection to god,
like the instinctual migration of college students to Florida during spring break
allowing myself to express newerly
free from pedanticism
like Tom Robbins
god that guy can write
How do I write like him?
He reads as if drunk and high while meditating on the value of sobriety
Such delicious prose

Ok, it’s settled
I want to be Tom Robbins
Like a rabid Dalmatian humping an armchair wants to hear Tom Waits singing to Barry Manilow about how to get the red out

I’m either Tom Waits or the Dalmatian in that
And hopefully not the armchair


2 thoughts on “My First Similie

  1. BossMan

    Ok, I had to look up “similie” “pendanticism” “Tom Robbins” and “Tom Waits”. I know what a Dalmatian is, and I hope I’m not the chair either!

    Liked by 1 person

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