Love is

I’m taking another stab at this from a different angle. For those interested in my first effort, click here

Love is the recognition of connection
born unto you
spread universally to all

To be human is to feel alone
flesh separates
and touch infrequent

In daily life
we look for conditions
some ways to allow
the release of our barriers
to feel some small glimmer

It begins with something remarkable
Expressed kindness
Her walk
Or his swagger
The way she smells
The sound of his voice
Repeated closeness

In the absence of offense
the connection seems to grow
with the advent of support
and affection
it seems to flourish

The truth is
this connection exists between all
human to human
flesh to fur
mountain to river
moth to moon
starlight to you

So when you cast a stone
you cast your self
so when you spew hate
you hate your self
so when you save a life
you save your self

Flesh still separates
physical realities unchanged
and you need to eat
Take in a life
plant or animal
and appreciate its sacrifice

Open eyes and see
our fragile sameness
the wind
the sunlight
so the next time
you touch someone
take a moment
and feel them
as you


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