My First Similie

I wrote my first similie
and afterwards
I didn’t feel quite as dirty as I thought I would

it’s like
I’m a freshly turned vampire
and my thirst for blood grows with each taste
But not for pop culture references

I crave more
As monks chant their connection to god,
like the instinctual migration of college students to Florida during spring break
allowing myself to express newerly
free from pedanticism
like Tom Robbins
god that guy can write
How do I write like him?
He reads as if drunk and high while meditating on the value of sobriety
Such delicious prose

Ok, it’s settled
I want to be Tom Robbins
Like a rabid Dalmatian humping an armchair wants to hear Tom Waits singing to Barry Manilow about how to get the red out

I’m either Tom Waits or the Dalmatian in that
And hopefully not the armchair


The Silver Lining

I appreciate optimists
In fact
I consider myself one
battered though I may be

Those unsullied
still waiving their flags about
like solitary frat boys with boners and no means
could use some realism
at least occasionally

‘Tis true
if one intends to find
a cloud’s silver lining
and gleen some sheen from a turd
an optimist’s power
will prevail

But just so you know
that silver lining
is mercury.

Love is

I’m taking another stab at this from a different angle. For those interested in my first effort, click here

Love is the recognition of connection
born unto you
spread universally to all

To be human is to feel alone
flesh separates
and touch infrequent

In daily life
we look for conditions
some ways to allow
the release of our barriers
to feel some small glimmer

It begins with something remarkable
Expressed kindness
Her walk
Or his swagger
The way she smells
The sound of his voice
Repeated closeness

In the absence of offense
the connection seems to grow
with the advent of support
and affection
it seems to flourish

The truth is
this connection exists between all
human to human
flesh to fur
mountain to river
moth to moon
starlight to you

So when you cast a stone
you cast your self
so when you spew hate
you hate your self
so when you save a life
you save your self

Flesh still separates
physical realities unchanged
and you need to eat
Take in a life
plant or animal
and appreciate its sacrifice

Open eyes and see
our fragile sameness
the wind
the sunlight
so the next time
you touch someone
take a moment
and feel them
as you

The Lighthouse / The Shaman

on the edge of two worlds

stands the sentinel

bloodstained and pure

speaker of no language

always watching

rooted and reaching

reaching knowing eyes

eyes of fear

and eyes

that see the sentinel

for its truth

a guide to those who cross over

those who dream


who come back

for the dreamers

on the edge of four worlds

stands the shaman

bloodstained and pure

speaking language of the heart

rooted and reaching

reaching knowing eyes

eyes of fear

and eyes

that see the shaman

for his truth

a guide to those who cross over

those who dream


who come back

for the dreamers

I love the most

I love the most

When silence


Give pause

To chaos


I love the most

When rubbing skin

On your left hand

Pointer finger

Middle phalanx


I love the most

When passion



And connections


I love the most

When I

Knowing my own softness

Release vigilance

And open


I love the most

My memories

Of you


The most

So special

Personalities are odd

Aren’t they?


I desperately wish

At this point

That I hadn’t

Been so special

Or called it often


I fear failure

Because surely

Someone so special

Would never


It’s easier for me

To do my great

Proud as fuck

And think it shit


Only took forty years

To figure out