On Love

“Surely you and I are beyond speaking when words are clearly not enough”
Oh Jane Austen
You respark in me a dangerous belief
Romantic love and the true match…
How farcical

Please do not scoff at my cynicism
I had it once, I believe
The truth I experienced taught the importance of communication
Shared vision
And regularly renewed choice to be with
There is no fulfilling coupling
Nurturing both souls
Without acceptance and support from all parties

Ahhhhhhh, but that infatuation
That lust
That desire
That longing
The ache of need
Feeling less whole when separate
Feeling more whole when inserted joined
“As a hero loves a heroine”
The air of mythic importance assumed

What happens when money wanes
What happens when the softest skin goes lickless
What choices do we make at our weakest
We consistently forget that doing the right
thing is the most pleasurable
For the practice of love is more investment than ideal
With a willing and committed partner
Both looking the same direction
Rather than scrupulously at each other
Owe it to self preservation or simple fear;
Name the reason, there are so many valid

Love is the recognition of connection
Born unto you
Spread universally to all

Silly multitudes believe in just one
Necessary list of criteria checked
Before allowing themselves to open
And feel what was there from our start
Perhaps we need only a handyman’s tools
To maintain the valve to our hearts
Find a partner who encourages free flow
Who enjoys the same fucked up shit in the sack
Because the pain that will come with an open heart is more bearable with regular enthusiastic orgasms

But let’s face it now

The recognition of love with another is thrilling
Enveloping our lives
Raising us to heights we never knew
Or had forgotten
And just maybe
Is the act
Of falling in love
Over and over and over


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