Interview 2

Tell us about yourself.

What do you like to do for fun?

You have to get rid of one of the fifty states in our country. Which one and why?

If you could be any kitchen utensil, which one would you be and why?

Tell us about a time when you exceeded the expectations at work.

We are coming over to dinner at your house, what would you cook for us?
What do you know about our company?

We have some time left, what questions do you have about the job?

I left feeling high. Elevated. I nailed it. And just a couple of feet closer to my car, I realized I didn’t like one of my answers. And then another. And, little by little, I dissected and labeled each organ of the interview, giving special attention to scar tissue, scanning for a cause of death. I see an enlarged prostate, and the lower intestines are clearly distended. But when the lungs are examined, they show signs of low oxygen, and the heart is oddly 5 degrees colder than surrounding tissue. Compelling but frustratingly inconclusive data.

Truly, the company is impressive. I rather want to write a Yelp review on the interview process alone.  The results remain to be seen, and I neither hold hope nor dread for their decision. I’ll know soon enough. Either way I continue forward movement.


So This is Forty

HBD. You know, because

Writing Happy Birthday is fucking hard

Snark aside, I love my friends and family

Lazy though some of them are

Welcome to forty, stone

Forty can suck my dick

I’ll make it my bitch

I like my bitches with lipstick

133 Over 94

So it comes to this

A problem to solve

Old solutions the cause

New solutions obscured

By fret, angst and willpower

I will find new math


Ways and means


With which to frame existence

And judge harshly

That which I deem old

Festering openness

Has never born answers

So how then?

Tomorrow is a game changer

A step into Winter

In stillness lay god and its tricks

There also

A New