Vignette the Ninth 

I do feel a tremendous amount of gratitude and appreciation for all of my friends, who are indeed my loved ones, that helped me and supported me in trying this out, in taking this chance. It was a pivotal night for me. I will cherish the memories of picking out the costume and agonizing over little details, of shopping for makeup, of getting the corset fitted, trying on the shoes for the first time, getting advice on shaving, and putting the full costume all together on the night of. Taking pictures. Walking down the street in my costume next to someone who loved me. All the compliments and cheers. Every person that told me how impressed they were and that they could never do something like that. I am thankful for the security guard at the club that threw his hands in the air and cheered me on EVERYTIME I walked by. Seriously. Every single time. I’m thankful for the bouncer chick who, when we were leaving, was so excited upon seeing me that she shoved my head in her boobs and shook them. Twice. Okay, I didn’t love that part, but I am thankful for her joyful reaction to me.

I know my other writings didn’t focus on any of this appreciation.  I did feel it everywhere I went, but I wasn’t blissed out and oblivious to the challenges. I needed to write about those separately.

So, from my heart: thank you to everyone that helped, smiled, cheered, boobed, and appreciated me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Love.


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