Vignette the Second

Wings unfurled, I strode down the sidewalk with my Ex towards destination one, a pre- party at her Dominant’s house. We knocked, but no one heard us. So boldly we opened the door and entered, my wings promptly catching on the door frame. This was to be a common metaphor? Or perhaps it was just a common occurrence? The guy from my first man-date was, literally, the first person I bumped into. Somehow I got trapped in his corner (at this point the wings were quickly added to my shit list) and so I did the polite thing and engaged him. He was dressed as the most interesting man in the world, and had a dos equis beer with him.

We were both surprised to see each other, he much more than I, given my radical costume. I suppose you could say that our conversation was cordial. He was evasive, of course.

I am proud that I didn’t panic. I definitely didn’t let his energy near me. He and his others left shortly thereafter. My opinion of him remains unchanged.


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