It Isn’t Crossdressing if It is a Costume?

Nope, I am not fooling anyone. Tonight I tried on the panties I bought for my outfit. Let me start by highlighting some of the differences between male bodies and female bodies. Balls, yes. And a dick. Okay. Sure. No surprises there. I think there is more that is different, though. Or, maybe it is that men aren’t used to underwear that looks best and only really fits when it is riding up your crack. They definitely fit, though. And they are cute. Not sure if I’m cute in them. I’m really self conscious about my body in general, and the Viking gut hanging over the pretty bow is a bizarre sight. The corset will take care of that?? Maybeeeeeeeeeeee………   Less than two weeks. How much can I lose in that time and not end up in the hospital?

So, since I was getting used to panties, why not try on the stockings! These I love!! I’m going to have to either shave my legs or trim them severely, but I really like the stockings. How do I hold them up? A garter belt. LOVE this even more. How the hell do I connect them? That took some time to figure out. And it is a lesson in flexibility to connect the back straps. Ladies, you have my respect.

Shoes are on order and will be here Friday. I’ll need every bit of the week left to learn to walk in them. My girl and I picked out some makeup. Simple. Lipstick, a foundation, and I’ll borrow masquera. My goal is simple beauty. Nothing dramatic. Nervous as hell about that part. The only makeup I’ve worn was when I was acting in theater productions. That was 20 years ago.

I really can’t believe I’m doing this, but I am. I have some serious coin in my outfit. I saw a Gandalf costume yesterday, and I thought, “God damnit I would love to be Gandalf!!”  Too late now. I’m entertained that my costume is pretty much the opposite of a wizard outfit. I bet you Gandalf wore panties, a garter, and stockings underneath. Also, I haven’t figured out how to get from the house to the car to the party yet. Yeahhhhhhh, I’m gonna have to breathe for a bit to calm down now.

EDIT 10/21/2015

I just found out the bow goes in back. Omg!


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