Listen, Act, Accept


Today was not what I expected. I went to a ceremony with my local spiritual community. It was a big deal; a sweat lodge followed by an all-night Tipi Ceremony. In early July I committed to go. When I arrived there were about thirty people there, most of whom I already new. It felt good to see them and to meet the new ones. They really are some of the loveliest people from all walks of life. People flew in from Mexico some other far away places for it.

Now, I’ve really been working on listening to my intuition and my guides. Mostly my intuition because I’m too fucking self involved to ask anyone else for help. Yeehaw. Anyways, listening. It can be incredibly valuable and rewarding when you act on intuition.  It’s the main strategy I have been using for self care and it has been the most successful way I have found.

Gavin de Becker states in his book , The Gift of Fear, that “We think that conscious thought is better, when in fact, intuition is soaring flight compared to the careful plodding of logic.” Take that out of the context of his book and I do believe he has given us a universal axiom.  Right on, Gavin. So, pay attention to your intuition and you will soar above those suckers using logic.

So the next question you will ask is, “How do I validate my intuition to know that it is guiding me correctly.” Well, thanks. You just asked one of the hardest questions there is. I’m kinda mad at you now.

Specificity is the first principle that I use to discern . (Don’t laugh at me stating that I have principles, that’s rude.)  When I get a feeling or a message, I ask where it is coming from. Is it coming from my heart space? Angels? Which Angel? Power animal? Charlie Sheen? The red devil on my shoulder? Take the time to figure it out. Use whatever method you have that works. When in doubt, automatic writing works wonders.

The next principle that I use (shush!) is to ask “Why?” Really take the time to figure out what is going on.  Make a list. Use logic. I’m serious! When you are learning how to discern and trust intuition, you’re going to need to make lists to figure out if that intuition is really fear because you are afraid of embarrassing yourself (etc) or if there is a real reason behind he message. Fear isn’t intuition, it is an emotional response and those aren’t reliable guides for decision making.  Listen to your heart and your gut, then use your brain to discern the message. Evaluate it and decide to discard it or to act.


Taking action on intuition is tough. It gets easier when you have had some positive experiences. Also, take the high road and act with class. So, like, If you’re bailing out on a ceremony, tell them. Be honest.


I’m still working on this one. I’m really sad because I chose to leave what is one of the most powerful and beautiful ceremonies that I’ve ever witnessed. My friends there will miss me. I will miss seeing their journey and hearing their experiences. However, my intuition told me that there ceremony was not an energetic match for me right now. The sweat lodge that I did partake in confirmed it. So I listened and discerned, and I acted and told our community leaders that I was leaving and why. I hugged my closest friends. And I left. I know it was the right choice. Desires and what is best don’t always align. So I’m working on accepting my choice and forgiving myself for missing a beautiful night.

I also want to give some serious love to our community leader, Sweet Medicine. She was busy with last minute preparations and still took the time to listen to me, make sure it wasn’t fear, and accept and appreciate my decision as valuable to myself. There was no guilt trip in her response, only love.  Love you, Sweetie.


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